April 21, 2021

2:30 P.M.


This is the time and place for a public hearing for Notice of Proposed Action to Institute Proceedings to Issue Keokuk Waterworks Utility Revenue and Revenue Refunding Bonds in one or more series in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $5,900,000.                              

    Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.                             


                          You can also dial in using your phone

                        United States (Toll Free) 1 866 899 4679

                                   Access Code: 530-922-301


1)      Roll Call

2)      Authorizing the use of a preliminary official statement in connection with entering into a loan agreement to borrow not to exceed $5,900,000 and taking additional action-Resolution

3)      Approval of  Previous Board Meeting Minutes and Vouchers

4)      Plant Items

A.  Plant Operations Report and Project Report

        B.  Consumer Confidence Report 2020


5)   Distribution Items

         A.  Distribution Operations Report and Project Report


6)   Office Items

         A.  Monthly Financial Report

         B.  Set Public Hearing date for Budget Amendment 2020-2021-                    Resolution

         C.  Authorize Annual Audit-Resolution

7)   Manager’s Report  

           A.  COVID-19 Policy Update                                                                 B.  Union Negotiations                                                                                                                             

8)   Board Discussion

           A.  Other Business

Date set for next Board Meeting-May 26, 2021 at 2:30 P.M.



   Hausch Accepts Award of Excellence

  July 25, 2020- Daily Gate City

The Keokuk Municipal Waterworks (KMW) presented an Award of Excellence at the July board meeting to Chairman Otto "Mike" Hausch.  Mike has served on the Waterworks Board for over 21 years and served as Chairman since 2014.  Due to time constraints, he has recently resigned as chair but will continue to serve on the board.  His great accomplishments include major treatment plant upgrades in the 1990s, membrane filtration technology implementation in the 2000s, and construction of a 4 million gallon water tower.  KMW earned AWWA best tasting water in the state in 2005, 2015 and 2019.

With technical expertise as an engineer and with a focus on safety, Hausch has provided key insights for board guidance over the years, and will continue doing so in the future.  Praise of Hausch’s commitment to service was echoed by fellow board members. “Mike has been instrumental in moving the Keokuk Municipal Waterworks forward with a state-of-the-art filtration system. Keokuk’s water quality has never been better thanks to Mike, fellow Board members, and past and present staff. We value his input and will continue to march down a similar path going forward,” commented Kim Boyd.   “With the short amount of time I have been on the board, Mike has been the constant and steady leader that has taken us through the easy and the hard decisions that must be made that makes the drinking water in Keokuk some of the best in Iowa. I am personally pleased that he will continue to serve the board as a member and the citizens of Keokuk,” said Ray Long.  “Mike Hausch brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Keokuk Waterworks.  His contributions are one of the keys to the great-tasting water that we enjoy every day, and we are excited that he has agreed to continue serving on the board of directors,” stated David Bogner.  “I have enjoyed serving on the Waterworks Board under Mike’s leadership.  He has provided a unique perspective and added value to our Board with strategic planning and implementing our mission for high quality water at the most economical cost,” added Mike Hickey.  Hausch’s dedication and passion for the community of Keokuk and in producing high quality drinking water are testaments to his service.

Salvation Army and Community Action

Provide Aid for Late Water Bills

During this trying time with high unemployment due to the COVID-19 Virus, it may be a challenge to pay monthly bills like rent, water, gas and electric.

Keokuk Waterworks anticipates an increase in the number of late water bill payments. On average, 20% of houses miss the due date and 5% become eligible for disconnection, resulting in a monthly outstanding balance of more than $15,000. Late fees and shut offs have been suspended to lessen the some financial burden. On time payments are greatly encouraged and partial payments are welcome if a full payment is not available.

“The need is great right now and, with people being out of work, the need will only become greater,” said Linda Faye Jones, of the Salvation Army.

Anyone who is in need of support, can contact the Salvation Army at 524-1144 or Community Action at 524-6383. Those who wish to donate can send checks to Community Action of Southeast Iowa, 2850 Mount Pleasant Street, Suite 108, Burlington, IA 52601, and in the memo line write Keokuk Water Bills, or visit the website at Another option is to donate to the Salvation Army at 31 S. 30th St., Keokuk, IA 52632, or online at

Any, and all support is appreciated as our community is bonded together through this crisis.

Keokuk Waterworks continues to work hard to provide the highest quality water.

Keokuk Municipal Waterworks

Effective April 8, 2020

Customer Service/Payment Options

Walk-in customer service is temporarily suspended at this time and the drive through is closed for the next two weeks and plans to re-open on April 27, 2020, upon the public health emergency declaration at that time.  Keokuk Municipal Waterworks offers a variety of opportunities to complete payments and customer service needs:

·       Online: Login to online account to pay by credit card, direct pay or electronic check. Using Payment Service Network at (877) 885-7968 or and

·       Phone: Please call (319) 524-5285,  Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Pay by credit card or electronic check.

·       Drop Box: Place bill stub and payment in the payment drop box located by the front doors.

·       Mail: Mail bill stub and payment.

The Keokuk Municipal Waterworks will continue serving our customers over the phone at (319) 524-5285 for new service and any other customer service needs during this time.

COVID Safety Measures

March 17, 2020

The Keokuk Municipal Waterworks is closely following the guidance from the CDC and also any state government recommendations. The situation with the virus is constantly changing and we take preparation measures seriously. Below is a list of actions to be taken by the Waterworks in response:

  • Closing of the front lobby to encourage social  distancing
  • Canceling late penalties, late fees, meter changes and shut-offs until the public health emergency has been lifted.
  • We highly encourage “on time” payments.
  • We know the current situation will pose financial hardships and we will be happy to answer any questions by phone.

Today’s primary concern is the health and safety of our community and our Waterworks family. The drive through remains open for payments, but we ask that you use the on-line payment option or use our drop box located at the front door.


Keokuk Waterworks "finished" drinking water remains safe. The COVID-19 virus, has not been detected in drinking water. EPA recommends that Americans continue to use and drink tap water as usual. 


Keokuk has Best Tasting Water

 Daily Gate City- Nov 6, 2019

waterworks award

Water utilities compete at the Iowa American Water Works Association (AWWA) for the title of “Best tasting water in Iowa.” Every year, between 10 and 20 waterworks from across the state vie for bragging rights at the annual AWWA conference of who has the best tasting water in Iowa.

Keokuk Waterworks has taken home the grand prize for 2019. Judging criteria is based on odor, taste, aftertaste and appearance. Keokuk won this same award in 2005 and 2015.

“Treating the Mississippi River comes with ups and downs on an average year. In 2019, we have had three record flood stages. The Waterworks has talented operators with the ability to adjust to the variable conditions the river throws at us,” Plant Superintendent Jim Maddox said.

The Keokuk Waterworks is a state of the art surface water treatment plant that draws its water from the Mississippi River. Keokuk Waterworks uses advanced filtration with membrane filters for the public’s protection in filtering the processed water.

“KMW is committed to excellence and has invested in new treatment technologies and replacement of aging pipe infrastructure. We are honored to accept this award and take the responsibility of water treatment as an opportunity and a challenge to produce the best water at the lowest cost,” Board President Otto Hausch said.

KMW is now shifting their focus from the treatment plant to the distribution system, which carries our water to residents and industries. The Waterworks is proud of the high quality drinking water and take this award as a reminder of the excellence the City of Keokuk expects from it.

Some of the people that have made the award possible include Plant Superintendent: Jim Maddox, Plant Asst. Superintendent: Bill Seabold, Lab Technician: Jennifer Laubersheimer, Plant Operators: Chris Tallman, Don Oliver, Robert Gundy, Shannon Helenthal, Brandon Lemaster, Kyle Haney, Ryan Horner, Drew Lewis and Adam Hieatt and the Keokuk Municipal Waterworks Board President: Otto M. Hausch, Trustees: David Bogner, Kimberly Boyd, Michael Hickey, and Ray Long.


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Keokuk Municipal Waterworks will be flushing fire hydrants starting the 19th of April, and continuing for approximately 2 weeks, throughout the city.

Flushing of fire hydrants can often cause disruption in the distribution system.  This can cause customers to experience discolored water.  This is not harmful and clears up after a short time.

If you notice discolored water in your home, please allow your cold water taps to run until the color returns to normal.  It is wise not to do any laundry at this time, as the discolored water can cause staining of your clothing. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Waterworks office at 524-5285.




KEOKUK, IOWA   52632


Next Regular Board Meeting will be Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 2:30 PM

Instructions to join the meeting via 

computer, tablet or smartphone will be on the agenda.




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