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July 28, 2021

Present:  Chairman Boyd, Trustees Hausch, Hickey and Long.

The public was invited to attend the Go To Meeting by phone, computer or smart phone, as the office was closed due to COVID-19.  

Chairman Boyd opened the regular meeting. A motion was made by Trustee Hickey and seconded by Trustee Hausch, that the minutes from the previous meeting of June 23, 2021, be approved, as presented.  All ayes. Motion carried. Vouchers were reviewed and approved.

Mr. Maddox presented the Board with monthly charts and informed the Board of the work that has been done around the Plant. The Distribution employees helped unload the membranes along with the Plant employees for skid 7. They discovered an issue with the platform and called the manufacturer. It was fixed immediately at no cost. The final shipment of membranes will be delivered by the end of the month.

Mr. Maddox shared with the Board that it is getting harder to find trucks, tankers and truck drivers to haul the needed chemicals for the Plant. This is causing a delay in shipping. Stock piling some chemicals has been considered. Mr. Maddox told the Board that they will be conducting interviews for the Maintenance Working Supervisor position.

Mr. Johnston presented the Board with monthly charts. Mr. Bogner and Mr. Johnston met this week with Ferguson who carries Neptune meters, expecting a change in meter suppliers.

There was a need to replace some patches in the Hawthorne area from the water main replacement that occurred in 2017.

Mr. Bogner discussed monthly financials, budget, operating expenses, and water sales to date. He talked to the Board about retirement benefits for Mr. Webb, and after some discussion the following resolution was adopted, RES #1140, the Board hereby approves retirement benefits for Thomas Webb, for 12 months of single health insurance coverage, paid by Keokuk Municipal Waterworks, in accordance with Resolution #954. Motion was made by Trustee Long and seconded by Trustee Hickey. Trustee Schmitt was absent. All ayes. Motion carried.

Mr. Bogner shared information forecasting the year’s budget and capital improvements. He also talked to the Board about his trip to Rathbun Regional Water Association. He presented them with a letter stating there will be an increase in the water rates. He also met with the Plant Manager from Roquette and informed him of  the rate increases during a tour of the Plant.

Mr. Bogner also gave a brief overview of his trip to the 2021 Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition this month. He said it was very beneficial with the information he gained from hearing about new  technologies, theories, opinions and the contacts he made. Mr. Bogner also shared with the Board about some additional projects in the near future.


Mr. Bogner gave the Board some information regarding a couple of non-profit organizations that have come to the City about having water furnished to them. Also, the #5 hi-service pump has been removed for rebuild due to heavy vibrations.

Mr. Bogner shared that as part of the lead and copper rule, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will be monitoring the materials that the water service comes into houses, throughout the city. This is something that will need to be followed by the Waterworks. 

Trustee Hickey shared with everyone that he is very appreciative of how the Waterworks is helping to cut costs.

There being no further business to come before the Board of Trustees, the meeting was adjourned. The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, will be August 25, 2021, at 2:30 P.M. For participation by phone or computer, instructions will be included on the agenda.

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                   David Bogner, Secretary                               Kimberly Boyd, Chairperson  



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If additional Summary dates are necessary, please call the Waterworks office at 319-524-5285.

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