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Who    is     Responsible?

Who  owns what? This is a question that is asked frequently. According to the Keokuk Municipal Waterworks (KMWW) Rules & Regulations (102.1 through 102.4) pipe laid from the public or private distribution water-main to the point of service or building served are the owner's responsibility and under his/her ownership. The private customer line can include: stop & curb boxes, pipes and valves between the public or private water-main and the facility served. In the Keokuk Municipal Waterworks Rules & Regulations, KMWW is not responsible for any damages that may occur when turning on or off a private service line or main, this includes stop/curb valves (103.1). If you have any other questions or concerns regarding KMWW's Rules & Regulations please go to the Rules & Regulations tab. Here you will find the complete book of KMWW Rules & Regulations. 


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